Winners of the 2008 MCF junior writers competitions

Junior members from IOGKF USA and IOGKF Canada were challenged to a writting competition to as part of the build up to the 2008 Miyagi Chojun Festival.
The competition was to write an article or essay on the benefits of traditional Karate training, with the winners receiving all their MCF training for free.

Below are the winners of the competitions and their great work.

Jendryx Fernandez  - IOGKF USA
Colleen Matthews  - IOGKF Canada
Madeline Aguillo  - IOGKF Canada
Marc Mivile  - IOGKF Canada
Nicolas Kambasis  - IOGKF Canada
Trent Lyttle  - IOGKF Canada
Sita Ganesan  - IOGKF Canada