IOGKF International and it’s member countries host numerous events every year. There are annual and biannual International events such as European Gasshuku, Miyagi Chojun Festival, South American Gasshuku, Oceania Gasshuku, International Gasshuku, Black Belt Gasshuku and chief instructors Gasshuku. All of these events are taught by world chief instructor Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura, with attendance from supreme master Sensei Morio Higaonna where possible.

IOGKF member countries also host their own events throughout the year utilising the skills of their own chief instructors or representatives and IOGKF senior instructors from across the globe.

september 2019

27sep - 29All DaySlovakia Gasshuku with Sensei's Nakamura, Molyneux & LarsenSlovakiaEvent Type :Nakamura SenseiSensei LarsenSensei MolyneuxSlovakia

october 2019

18oct - 20All DayPoland Gasshuku with Kuramoto Sensei and Sensei PanasiukPolandEvent Type :IOGKF Senior InstructorPoland 1Poland 2
19octAll DayIOGKF Sweden Autumn Gasshuku with Sensei NakamuraSports Center Event Type :IOGKF Senior InstructorNakamura SenseiSweden
25oct - 27All DayBelgian Gasshuku with Senseis Masuyama, Curinckx, and KuramotoBelgiumEvent Type :BelgiumIOGKF Senior Instructor

november 2019

1nov - 3All DayAustralia Gasshuku with Terauchi SenseiAustraliaEvent Type :Australia-AOGKFIOGKF Senior InstructorTerauchi SenseiTournament

december 2019

15dec - 17All DaySri Lanka End of Year Gasshuku with Sensei Kuramoto and Sensei YonesatoNational Youth Service Council Sports ClubEvent Type :IOGKF Senior InstructorSri Lanka

april 2020

4apr - 5All DayIOGKF Italia National Gasshuku with Sensei Nunes, Sensei Kuramoto, and Sensei SpongiaRomeEvent Type :IOGKF Senior InstructorItaly

may 2020

28may - 30All DayIOGKF South American Gasshuku - Brazil 2020BrazilEvent Type :BrazilCountryGroup-SouthAmericaIOGKF Senior InstructorNakamura Sensei

october 2021

29oct - 31All DayAustralia Gasshuku with Nakamura SenseiAustraliaEvent Type :Australia-AOGKFNakamura Sensei