Messages of Congratulations to Higaonna Sensei

Congratulations to Higaonna Sensei on receiving the honorary award from the Okinawan Government. It is a great honour for all of us as your students that your life long dedication of protecting and preserving traditional karate has been officially recognized by the Okinawan Government. I believe there is no one else, other than you, who is more deserving of this award. I feel that we, IOGKF members, are very fortunate to have such a great master as our sensei.

We promise that we will do our best to carry your legacy to the future generation.

Tetsuji Nakamura
IOGKF International Chief Instructor

Dear Sensei,
We would like to congratulate you on your recent award. You have always been an inspiration to all the instructors and students of EGKA and long may you continue to be.
We are all looking forward to your visit in November.
Yours sincerely

Ernie Molyneux and all the instructors and students of EGKA
IOGKF International Vice Chief Instructor

It is simple but also complex to find the words to describe the feeling to be associated with such a great Man and Karate – Do Master.
I have train 2 – 3 times a year for the past 40 years with him and every time I come in contact with him, he never cease to amaze me.
He is an icon for all people to a healthier and meaning life, his effort and determination and diligent study is second to none.


So this recognition epitomises what a true Master Higaonna Sensei is.
George Andrews

When the news has arrived me from the delivery to Higaonna Sensei of the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Award” from Okinawa government, I have received it with honor and pride, but it has not surprised me, because for those that have the privilege of knowing it, to cohabit and to learn directly of him, we don't have left the smallest doubt that what is said of him as a karate Men is small for what should be said on its human qualities, I believe that there are not words to describe them.

My commitment toward Sensei is to fight and to make an effort to transmit its teachings, as much in the technical thing as in the human values to the future generations, attempting that they don't get lost the treasures so magnificent that he has transmitted me.


Grateful, your student

Luis Nunes



On behalf of the AOGKF (Australia) and myself, I will like to congratulate Sensei Higaonna on his award. To me Sensei has been my mentor and my inspiration from the first time I trained with him in the 1970's. Thank you for giving me strength.

Joe Roses



Dear Sensei
A huge congratulations from IOGKF Australia.
It is an honour to have had you as our Sensei, mentor and friend.
We look forward to continuing our strong relationship in the future.
With admiration and respect.
Chris Larken


Dear Sensei,
I received the wonderful new that you received from Okinawan Government the Intangible Cultural Heritage Award.
I believe that you deserve such award more then anyone else in the world of traditional Karate.
Your Humility, determination, ethical behaviour, continous dedication and relentless training, superb and unique technique, made you a living legend, a model for us your students but also for the Karateka of every style all over the world.
You demonstrates with your life what really to be a Shihan means.
I am so proud to be your student, Sensei, and I will go on to spend the rest of my life to protect and diffuse your precious Teachings, the treasure of Traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu to the next generation.
I look forward to meet you again in Italy next July to make a toast all together !
All my love and gratitude,
Paolo Taigo Spongia

Dear Sensei Higaonna,


I want to congratulate you with another meaningful recognition of your dedicated efforts towards traditional karate by the Okinawan Government.


In addition I am certain that your dedicated efforts have also found their way ‘down’ in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. In the last decades of my life I have heard from many of my students how Okinawa goju-ryu has worked as a source of inspiration and support for their live. That too is the result of how your dedicated efforts have inspired and supported me.


A Zen teacher once asked me what ‘lineage’ meant to me. My answer was ‘the perpetuation of gratefulness’. I hear by would like to express my gratitude to you, on behalf of myself, our dojo instructors and our students.


Warm regards,


Sydney Leijenhorst

IOGKF Netherlands


Dear Higaonna Sensei,
Please except my warm congratulations for receiving such a prestigious award from the Okinawan Government! We in the IOGKF have always valued and felt extremely privileged to receive your unparalleled teaching and guidance. It is a true testament to your ability & humility that you have been chosen to receive such an honor. Once again congratulations and thank you for everything you have done to make us all the best we can be!
Warm Regards,

Bob Smith
IOGKF Bermuda

Dear Sensei,
Congratulations on receiving such a prestigious award, from the
Okinawan Government, for your relentless determination to
research and preserve, the Treasure that is Traditional Okinawan
It is humbling for us to be the students of such a great Teacher,
whose Essence is one of Humility, Honour and Integrity.
We wish you many more years of health and productivity.
With Great Respect,
The Kambukai, Students and Norma Pantanowitz.
IOGKF Israel


On behalf of IOGKF Austria we extend our sincere congratulations to Higaonna Sensei.
It is indeed a fantastic honour to receive the Intangible Cultural Heritage Award.
Well deserved recognition for many decades of tireless efforts and dedication to further Okinawa GoJu Ryu Karate across the world.
Raoul Vogel
IOGKF Austria

Dear Higaonna Sensei. On behalf of all Russian karateka congratulations deserved recognition! I am honored to be a part of your karate. Thank you for everything, for your unique efforts, for your life in karate for your big heart and a strong will. Thank you for your GOJU RYU!
I wish you health and inexhaustible forces

Bogdan Kurilko
IOGKF Russia

Dear Higaonna Sensei,

We are glad to hear that you got an Intangible Cultural Heritage Award from Okinawan Government. Congratulations! We are very proud to belong to the IOGKF.
Moises Villegas
Mexico Chief Instructor


Dear Sensei Higaonna,

Congratulations on receiving your Intangible Cultural Heritage award!

This is a great honor for all of us.

You've been teaching us not only Karate inside the dojo and at seminars, but also a way of living.

You are an example of Karate master for all of us.

Denys Vasylchuk

IOGKF Ukraine


It's very delightful to learn that Sensei Higaonna was given Intangible Cultural Heritage Award from Okinawan Government.

In the name of IOGKF Georgia, please accept our heartiest congratulations on this glorious achievement. This is another well-deserved addition to the prizes you have already won.

Best Wishes for a distinguished and healthy life.


Levan Rogava

IOGKF Georgia


On behalf of the IOGKF Nepal, i would like to extend my hearty Congratulation for receiving The Intangible Cultural Heritage Award from Okinawan Government for you hard work towards preserving Traditional Karate through out the world. It is a Great Honor for IOGKF Family and as well as me.
I wish your more prosperity on this regards.

Sincerely Yours
Sowyamvu Raj Dangol

 Dear Higaonna Senseď,


I would like send all my congratulation for your award from Okinawan Government.

Thank you for your hard work for traditional karate.


Sincerely to you.


Brigitte COUSIN

IOGKF France



Dear Higaonna Sensei : Is a huge pleasure to all members of the IOGKF in Chile, the important news about the Heritage Award gave from the Goverment of Okinawa to you.


Best regards,




What wonderful news! Higaonna Sensei, you have done so much towards the promotion and preservation of both traditional karate and Okinawan culture. We feel priviledged to be a part of the IOGKF and to have had the opportunity to learn from you.

Rob and Adrienne Langgartner,
IOGKF Canada


Congratulations dear MORIO HIGAONNA Sensei for this distinction. For all of us, you are a real treasure and we are very proud and honor to be contemporary with a such a big master as you. You are a real mentor for me. You've shown all of us that where passion and hard work is the rest comes naturally. You have united the world in the biggest family IOGKF.

Best Regards,

Cristian Lambrea

Representative IOGKF Romania



On behalf of the IOGKF Poland and myself, I will like to congratulate Sensei Higaonna on his award. This is a great honor for all of us.

Thank you for your hard work for traditional karate.

You are an example of Karate master for all of us.
Warm Regards,
Tomasz Siewkowski
IOGKF Poland




Dear Higaonna Sensei,


I want to congratulate you on receiving the Intangible Cultural Heritage Award from Okinawan Government.


This is a great honour for you and all IOGKF. We are truly lucky to have you as our leader and mentor.


Dan Duncan

IOGKF Canada



Dear Higaonna Sensei,


Congratulations on receiving your cultural treasure award! As a young man it is inspiring and humbling to be one of your students and rewarding and joyful to see that you are getting the recognition you so deserve. You continue to show the path to so many people across globe,  which isnot an easy task, so it is so fantastic for us to see you receive such a great award. We will continue to strive towards your example.


David Lambert





I am really happy to hear that our supreme master, Higaonna Sensei received Intangible Cultural Heritage Award from the Okinawan Government, it is because of his dedication & hard work. I'm very proud to be one of his students and part of IOGKF. My High respect and congratulations to Higaonna Sensei.

Vijeesh Machingal



I would like to congratulate you on such a huge accomplishment. For the Okinawan government to recognize you as intangible cultural treasure is mind blowing. I am honored to have trained with you and received my sandan fron your hands. The impact you had on my life is unbelievable. You are a great master. I hope to train with you when I visit Okinawa.

Brandon Hetzler



Greetings Higaonna Sensei
Congratulations and well deserved.
The entire martial art world , and I , are so very grateful and indebted to you for this lasting legacy that you have created ,and which I believe will last 1000's of years

Each day I practice my Sanchin, and then I meditate on just how fortunate I am to have such great and awesome masters as my teacher. And it is all possible because of the more than 60 years of sheer hard work, dedicated study, and your uncompromising resolve to preserve and teach the pure form of this ancient art

You deserve to be adored and revered. Warmest,

Sandy B Herman

IOGKF South Africa




“Higaonna Sensei received Intangible Cultural Heritage Award from Okinawan Government”

What a tremendous and well deserved Award. Practitioners of Goju Ryu are so proud of your lifetime accomplishments and your steadfast leadership. It was truly an honour to train with you again at MCF 2013, and we were so pleased to learn of this Award. Thank you.

Congratulations Sensei!!

Dave Matthews,
Taki Dojo,
Niagara Falls, Canada



Higaonna Sensei:

Please accept my congratulations to you for receiving the recent Intangible Cultural Heritage Award from the Okinawan Government. It is great for you to be recognized for all your hard work in promoting and teaching Goju-Ryu Karate around the world.

 Michael Gardner, Dojo Head Instructor
U.S. Shobukan, Herndon, Virginia, USA
IOGKF-USA, South East Region



Dear, Sensei! I congratulate you with the honorary title. Your life is devoted to the art of Goju-Ryu is an example for me. And this example is always kept in my heart. Be always healthy and full of energy! Inspire us to take new steps in understanding the Goju-Ryu and everyday doing the right thing in our lives! Arigato!
Alexander Grib.


Thank you Higaonna Sensei,
We wish you a hearty Congratulations on this unprecedented occasion. It makes us proud to be         members of the IOGKF Family and encourages us to spread even more Traditional Okinawa Goju-   Ryu Karate-Do. We are looking forward to train again under your guidance in Italy.                        

Sabau Cristian

IOGKF Romania


Dear Higaonna Sensei,

Congratulations on receiving the honorary award from the Okinawan government.

You are a truly worthy recipient for this award and a role model for all those that seek to follow your example.

We as students are blessed to have you as our teacher and friend.

Kindest regards,

 John Whitby, Instructors and students,

OGKWI (Wairarapa Region Dojo’s) - New Zealand







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